Sardar Mohammad Masood Khan

- President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir/Chancellor MUST

Message from the Chancellor

The Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) is imparting state of the art education in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Though, in MUST, the bulk of the students are from Azad Kashmir, it is a matter of great satisfaction that many from different parts of Pakistan are also part of its faculty and student community. Over the years, MUST has laid down foundations for developing competencies in cutting edge scientific and disciplines. But, in addition to focusifig on its core specializations, it is also developing fast into a centre for quality education in social sciences and humanities. MUST is rapidly investing in research and innovation and its products are being appreciated and recognized in the academic community. This is possible because of its emphasis on faculty development programmes and creation of an enabling environment for productive learning that would prepare students for professions in the ever-changing markets. MUST is also emerging as a pioneer in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics and Cloud Computing. This gives it a head-start to meet the challenges of the future. For all these achievements, I would congratulate the ViceChancellor as well as members of his efficient team for their meticulous planning and diligence. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the biggest challenge for the academia has been to shift from traditional campus-based teaching to the digital mode of education. I commend the University leadership for their tremendous efforts in meeting this challenge with success. I also felicitate MUST for being ranked first in HEC's list of top Universities of Azad Jammu & Kashmir for online readiness. This is an impressive achievement despite resource constraints. I feel immense pleasure in acknowledging that MUST has expanded its digital infrastructure in a short span of time. Its next outreach initiative would up-grade the existing online teaching platforms for students living in remote areas. I appreciate the readiness of the faculty, administration and staff to enable students to achieve academic excellence in diverse fields. I wish you all more success!


Prof. Dr. Maqsood Ahmed

- Vice Chancellor

Message from the Vice Chancellor

I am proud to be the Vice Chancellor of Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST), Mirpur. This is a time of unprecedented change over in the higher education worldwide. As well as expanding itself with a view to proving higher education opportunities to masses at doorsteps, quality of education remains MUST’s a priority goal. In this regard, we have recently established Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences in addition to startup of other nine new departments in various Faculties. We have also extensively revised our curricula with a view to incorporating latest development and trends in the respective fields of study. MUST makes sure that an ideal environment conducive to learning exists at all campuses. International collaboration with top ranking universities is what we actively pursue in order to provide international exposure to our students and faculty and promote joint research. We take pride in our highly qualified faculty who made their appearance at international forums by publishing quality research. Our students remain our top most priority. MUST is willing to go any far to protect their future and are working hard to maintain quality education and provide facilities to our students in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic. I am happy to share that as a fruit of a joint effort we have among the top universities of the country, and first in the State, in HEC’s ranking of universities for their online readiness. I take this opportunity to congratulate all faculty and staff without whose effort this would not have been possible. MUST stand ready to harness its digital resources if this pandemic situation exists. We have put all the arrangements in place in this regard. I am thankful to the Chancellor of MUST, Sardar Masood Khan for his continuous support in our effort to uplift the standards of education at MUST. I am positive we would achieve further heights under his dynamic leadership and vision. I am also grateful to Higher Education Commission (HEC) for their providing guidelines and support in building university’s wide-ranging rollout of Microsoft Teams for online teaching. This, for sure, allowed us to outreach students in remote areas and continue teaching unhindered. I believe that communities play a key role in building higher education institutions. I would take this opportunity to urge upon the members of the community and philanthropists to come forward and strengthen our hands, in whatever capacity they can, in implementing our initiatives relating to different foundations, endowments, social campaigns, and, more importantly, university infrastructure development. Our Vision 2025 envisages widening of academic activities and infrastructure development. I am pleased to share that the PC-I for Pallandri has already been approved by DDWP (HEC), while the PC-I for Bhimber Campus has also been submitted. As the Vice-Chancellor of MUST, I am determined to create an environment that provides favorable environment to each and every student and staff to meet their professional needs and aspirations. I assure you that your experience at MUST will be an asset for the rest of your life. I welcome you all to Mirpur University of Science and Technology and look forward to seeing you soon on the campus.

Faculties & Directorates